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Welcome to IQC the ISO Pros of Illinois! With us, you will be ISO certified in an instant while receiving the best care and as minimal amount possible for your company regardless of its size and sector!

We ensure to make your ISO certification journey quick and easy with us, IQC the ISO Pros of Illinois. Do not hesitate; do not wait longer! Consult with us now to attain the most suitable ISO certification for your organization.

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We are acclaimed in several areas throughout the country just like in Illinois (IL) wherein we guarantee to provide real results to our clients!  Moreover, the importance of ISO is that it follows various effective processes such as the PDCA cycle and MRM to ensure that your organization is doing its best to provide its customers only the best products and developments.

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ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is an international standard recognized for a quality management system (QMS). It creates a structured approach for your organization from which the quality of your products does not falter to meet the requirements expected of your customers.

The quality management system of ISO 9001 is a combination of all the processes and approaches that ensure customer satisfaction and organizational efficiency. It applies to any organization despite its size or sector.

However, ISO 9001 does not dictate how an organization should achieve its objectives, but it does let it specify what its objectives are as well as the ways it should approach thereof. ISO 9001 only determines the standards used to develop the results with which the methods are aligned and simplified to cut off the cost, generate new opportunities, achieve all the requirements, and provide the organization the opportunity to expand into several other markets from which the ISO 9001 certification is important.

With this, ISO 9001 makes your organization more competent and well-rounded against rival companies that have not been certified with the standard.

The standard also adheres to seven (7) guiding principles which are Customer Focus, Leadership, the People Engaged, Process Approach, Improvement, Evidence-based Decision Making, and Relationship Management. The order of these principles is based upon the focus and/or priority of an organization.

The quality management system of ISO 9001 also encompasses the facilities, people, services, equipment, and training.

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IQC the ISO Pros of Illinois has exceeded the expectations of its customers in Illinois (IL) with its services. We have given certifications across several areas at only a low cost with a smooth and easy process you will not find in any other!

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