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The IATF 16949 is the international quality standard that’s meant and designed for the purpose of continuous improvement and development of businesses and organizations in the automotive sector.

Primarily, the goal of the International Automotive Task Force, or the IATF for short, is to compose the guidelines of how they can produce and manufacture parts and components for automotive vehicles and products in the best possible ways.


Here in the city of Illinois, we at IQC the ISO Pros in Illinois are deemed and considered as the best and the most trusted when it comes to the IATF 16949 standard. We’ve been the go-to company of all automotive-related businesses and organizations as we’re skilled and adept in the particular standard in years.

Steps in Getting IATF 16949 Certified

To give you the steps on how you can attain the IATF 16949 certification, you can simply plan it out by following these series of steps:

1st Step: Learning the Standard

Before you dive right into the standard, what you have to do first is to learn the standard by heart. You must know the standard, what it is, how it can help and benefit you, as well as why you need it.

There are a ton of materials online but through our help, we can offer some of the documents and learning sources that we have.

2nd Step: Gap Analysis

Once you figure that out, what you would have to do next is to perform Gap Analysis. Gap Analysis is the procedure of assessing where you are against the goals that you have for your business or your organization.

Doing this can help and assist you when it comes to positioning and planning about how you can get the standard.

3rd Step: Practice and Implementation

Then, what you would have to do next is to practice and implement the standard within your business or your organization.

You can do it slowly and by batch so that the entirety of the organization wouldn’t be shocked.

4th Step: Documentation of Practices

After you implement, you need to document the procedure and the guidelines. You need to produce a formally written document that includes how you plan on following and abiding by the regulations.

5th Step: Attaining Certification and Accreditation

Finally, the last step is to get the certification. You can do so by contacting an auditing body to help you in terms of checking if you are on the right track.

Here at IQC the ISO Pros in Illinois, we will never leave you even in times of dire need. Wherever you are in the state, you have us on the go – ready and prepared to give the aid and the assistance you’re dying to receive.

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