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ISO 20000 is one of the few, but most important standards that are part of the Information Technology or the IT industry or sector.

By definition, the ISO/IEC 20000 is the International IT Service Management or ITSM standard, which functions as an enabler for IT departments and divisions in making sure that their procedures are in line with the needs and the wants of the business, all the while, ensuring that it’s within the best practices.

ISO 20000 Certified -illinois

ISO 20000 vs. ITIL

The ITIL or the Information Technology Infrastructure Library is a guideline or a library of all the best practices in the area of IT or Information Technology. Many people confuse the ITIL with the ISO/IEC 20000, but in reality, they’re far too different from each other.

ITIL is just a library and it doesn’t give and provide certification to organizations that use it. On the other hand, the ISO 20000 standard is a standard that is internationally recognized and will provide certification and accreditation once you accomplish it.

Benefits of ISO 20000

To help you understand it better, here are some of the advantages and the benefits of becoming an ISO 20000 certified organization:

  • You can give clients and customers the assurance that their requirements will be met and fulfilled
  • Compared to other businesses and competitors, your reliability and credibility will be better and much higher
  • You will be able to enforce a measurable or a better level of effectiveness
  • You can allow access to key markets in the IT field and industry
  • And many more!

How to Get ISO/IEC 20000 Certification

The steps in getting ISO/IEC 2000 certified are not as complex as you think, but it is also not as easy as how many people perceive it.

As a matter of fact, the ISO/IEC 20000 certification can be summed up in just a few easy steps, and these steps are:
  1. Learning the ISO fully – what the ISO is, benefits of the ISO, its importance of it in the industry, etc.
  2. Planning the implementation of the ISO – knowing what to do, where to start, and how to implement it
  3. Documenting of the ISO – before you become certified, you need to ensure that you were able to successfully document and write about it.
  4. Certification against the ISO – or the procedure wherein you’ll hire auditing or a certification body to assess and evaluate your performance and how you comply with the standard

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