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Over the past couple of years, the Department of Defense (DoD) has seen few too many instances of the breach, data leaks, misinformation, and other attacks that are directed towards the Defense Industrial Base or the DIB.

Due to this, they came up with a requirement for aspiring vendors and contractors who would work with the DoD – then came the CMMC, short for the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification.


What is the CMMC?

In the most basic terms, the CMMC is the uniform standard that has been established by the DoD to enable contractors, vendors, and suppliers who are to work with the DoD to streamline procedures and prove that they have what it takes to work with the department.

With the intention of using it as a verification procedure, the DoD would require a supplier or a vendor to be certified across all five (5) different levels of the CMMC.

Dissecting the CMMC: The Five (5) Levels

Akin to other types of certifications, the CMMC also houses five (5) different levels, each pertaining to a capability or ability of the organization in the field and area of cybersecurity.

The five (5) levels are:

Level 1 – Performed

At this level, the practices that are expected of a company would be within the reach of basic cyber hygiene.

These, however, correspond to basic safekeeping and safeguarding techniques and strategies in the cybersecurity field.

Level 2 – Documented

The next level, which is the documented level, is the level where businesses and organizations are expected to establish rules and practices that can be repeated for future purposes.

Since it’s “documented,” it should be sufficient in solving a problem or a dilemma is experienced by the business or the organization.

Level 3 – Managed

The 3rd level or the managed level is the level where organizations are expected to carry out a plan where they’ll be able to use it as a resource.

Good cyber hygiene is the practices expected from businesses that would pass this level, and it can include resourcing, missions and goals, plans for projects, and shareholder involvement.

Level 4 – Reviewed

The next level, which is the reviewed level, is more of the advanced level in the CMMC ladder. It is the level wherein organizations are expected to be proactive, instead of being reactive.

This is where businesses would have developed systems and strategies in pinning problems and dilemmas down.

Level 5 – Optimizing

Lastly, the optimizing level – which is the level that is only for the most matured organizations and companies.

The goal of businesses at this level is to see improvement and development – nothing else.

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