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Finding the ISO 9001 certified company to work with is not as easy as it seems. As a matter of fact, it will require you to be keen on all the details and the capabilities of the organization you’ll work with.

But, here in the state of Illinois, our company, IQC the ISO Pros in Illinois, is treated and is considered to be the state’s top choice when it comes to ISO 9001 training, implementation, documentation, to registration, and accreditation.

Today, we will give you a brief structure on how you can become an ISO 9001 certified company!


Steps in Becoming ISO 9001 Certified

Akin to other ISO standards, the procedure or the steps on how you can become an ISO 9001 certified company is rather easy and simple. As a matter of fact, we can dissect and categorize it into a few easy steps:

Step 1: Find Out More About the ISO

Do you know what ISO 9001 is all about? Are you sure that you’re capable of learning and studying it in the fastest time possible?

Our team can help you with some learning material about the specific ISO. Moreover, we can give you assistance when it comes to sourcing learning materials.

Step 2: Practice and Slowly Implement the ISO

After you learn and you study the ISO, the next step you have to do is to practice it. While practicing it, of course, you are slowly implementing the ISO into the workforce.

Slowly, but surely, you’re transforming the company, you’re pointing it toward the direction of the ISO.

Step 3: Create Documentation of the ISO

While you’re doing all that, you should, hand-in-hand, create and document the ISO based on how you were practicing and implementing it.

The ISO 9001 is a standard that is focused on process improvement and development – therefore, creating the document for it should be easy.

Step 4: Be Audited and Certified

So, you have the document ready and you’re practicing some of the policies and rules of the ISO, what do you do next? The next thing is to contact an auditing company or organization and have your business certified and registered.

Once you’re successful with the registration or the certification, you will be awarded the certificate, which is solid and concrete proof of your accreditation and certification!

This 4-step procedure is something that we can help you with if you choose us here at IQC the ISO Pros in Illinois. And, if you think that it’ll take us a year, think again!

In most cases, we were able to audit and certify businesses and organizations in a matter of weeks to a few months – and that is considering a heap of employees and staff members already.

What more if you employ less than 100 heads?

So, whether you are in Chicago, Elgin, Darien, or in Franklin Park, you can work with us and we can help you with the ISO certification you need!

IQC The ISO Pros of Illinois can help you implement, train on, consult, and have your company and/or organization certified on the following ISO Certifications:

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